There is a lot of pressure a bride feels about her wedding day look (I certainly felt it)! Have you thought… ‘should I have my hair up or down or even half up?’, ‘should I have any accessories in my hair?’ ‘what type of veil, do I even want a veil?’ ‘how should I have my make up?’ ‘shall I have a nude lip or something with a bit of colour?’ I could go on and on. These are just some of the questions that used to race through my head not that long ago, it’s exhausting! At Little London Brides we are passionate about helping you with your head to toe look. The dress is obviously massively important, but it’s more than that and we want to help brides with their complete look. It’s difficult to visualise exactly how you will look on your wedding day, it’s not as if you get a trial run. I found this really difficult as I wanted to make sure I got every detail right! Whether you are a bride that knows what she wants or a bride that would like a bit of support, we want to help.